Simple Upgrade to My Hp Pavillion a1250n

Hello, I am looking to do a few upgrades to my Hp Pavillion a1250n Desktop.

I already am in the process of fully upgrading it's ram to 4gb. With that in mind in the following specs of my computer the immediate future difference will be said 4 gb of ram.

I would also like to upgrade the graphics to a suitable graphics card that will work with my current power supply and yet be a significant reason to add.
My current power supply Warning is: system designed to provide 2 amps (average) of +5 power for each board/card in the computer. The total +5V current draw in a fully loaded system ( one with all add in card slots filled...Mine are not all filled) must not exceed the total number of slots multiplied by 2 amps.

In addition I am looking into possibly upgrading to Windows7 What would be the best windows 7 for my sytem keeping in mind there will be 4gb of ram shortly?? Is windows 64 bit a suitable solution???

I am just wanting to do a few cost effective upgrades for A tight budget. As my computer stands now I have pretty well been happy with performance for things I mess with. However, I am getting into some creative home video editing and playng some games not a big time gamer just a few noticle upgrades would be great!!! Thanks In Advance JUlie
Here are my current computer specs without the soon to be 4 gb ram:

Product numberEG194AAIntroduction date2-Sep-2005Country/region sold in
United States
HardwareBase processor Athlon 64 X2 3800+ 2.0 GHz
2000 MT/s (Mega Transfers/second)
Socket 939
ChipsetATI Radeon XPress 200Motherboard
Manufacturer: MSI
Motherboard Name: ASUS ATI RADEON HD3850 512 MB DDR3

HP/Compaq motherboard name: AmethystM-GL6E
Component Attributes
Memory Installed 1 GB (2 x 512)
Maximum allowed 4 GB* (4 x 1 GB) requires the replacement of the installed 512 MB DIMMs

*Actual available memory may be less
Speed supported PC3200 MB/sec
Type 184 pin, DDR SDRAM
DIMM slots Four
Open DIMM slots Two

Hard drive
7200 rpm
16x DVD(+/-)R/RW (+/-)R DL LightScribe drive
must use Double-Layer media discs in order to take advantage of the DL technology
must use LightScribe-enabled media discs and supporting software in order to take advantage of the LightScribe technology
type Attributes
DVD-R DL Write Once 4X
DVD+R DL Write Once 2.4X
DVD+R Write Once 16X
DVD+RW Rewritable 4X
DVD-R Write Once 8X
DVD-RW Rewritable 4X
DVD ROM Read 16X
CD-R Write Once 40X
CD-RW Rewritable 24X
CD-ROM Read 40X

DVD-ROM driveMaximum speed: 16XModemPCI K56flex data/fax modemVideo graphicsIntegrated graphics Sound/audio
Controller: AC97 audio
Location: Integrated
Network (LAN)Integrated 10/100 Base-T networking interfaceMemory card reader
USB interface
Supports the following cards:
Compact Flash I
Compact Flash II
Memory Stick
Memory Stick Pro
Secure Digital (SD)
Micro Drive
XD Picture Card (xD = extreme digital)
External I/O portsI/O ports on the front panel
Port type Quantity
9-in-1 (4 slot) + 1 USB One
IEEE 1394 One
USB (2.0) Two
Headphone One
Line-in One
Microphone One

I/O ports on the back panel
Port type Quantity
PS/2 (keyboard, mouse) Two (one each)
VGA (monitor) One
Parallel One
USB (2.0) Four
IEEE 1394 One
Audio One each (line-in, line-out, microphone)

Expansion slots
Slot type Quantity
PCI Three (two available)
PCI Express One (available)
DIMM Four (two available)

Drive bays
Bay type Quantity
5.25-inch, external Two (occupied)
3.5-inch, external Two (one available)
3.5-inch, internal One (occupied)
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  1. There's not a whole lot you can upgrade. The PSU is not listed, and the HP website doesn't make me any wiser. I would assume you don't have a dedicated pcie power cable so any graphic card requiring that are out the window. Pretty much leaving only the 5670 as a viable "upgrade". The real problem is the CPU which you can't upgrade. HP only supported up to +4200 or +4400 and socket 939 is pretty much dead. You might be able to get one off of ebay but even then the speed increase would be marginal at best. Thanks to OEM motherboard, over-clocking is also disabled.

    Personally I wouldn't put a lot of money into upgrading that machine and instead buy completely new. The $500 dollar config from the system builders marathon is pretty nice,2903.html

    I know probably not what you wanted to hear, but there's not much point in upgrading an aging system that should be retired, especially when buying new comes so close in terms of price and performance wise runs circles around the old machine. You could buy a 5670 but I would bet it would at least partially be bottlenecked by the cpu you currently use, and upgrading that is really not a possibility. Also with windows xp, you cannot use dx11. If you want you could upgrade to windows 7 64bit but with the slight problem that HP has NO drivers for windows vista or 7 64 bit, so chances are that something like your old modem or sound card might not work. Even the 32bit vista or windows 7 has hardly any drivers.

    So to sum up: I would not upgrade. Rather save up some more cash and build a new system. Stick with what you have for the moment.
  2. I was figuring as much!! Just didn't really want to invest in a new machine as dial-up is all that is offered in our rural area. In view of this a newer machine really would not see it's full potential here in dial-up land!! LOL so had just hoped to give the old one a few jolts to improve performance to a degree!! Thanks for your time!! I too found no real help on the HP site!! Thanks again Julie
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