ASUS P8Z68-v display problems, inability to turn off

I recently posted about my computer being stuck in loop, turning on and off repeatedly, this was because my CPU was incompatible with my MOBO. It was resolved by flashing the BOIS with the update and my computer worked fine, installed windows 7 64 bit, and several programs, all the components of my computer worked perfectly fine.

My hardware:

4x4GB g.skill ripgaw 2133 mhz (running at 1600)
ASUS P8Z68-v
gigabyte Radeon 6850
intel i5-3570k
fresh 500gb hdd
corsair tx650 PSU

Now my problem, I was installing updates to my computer just before I went to sleep, it eventually finished and straight after my computer turned on again. Neither the power button or the power button on my MOBO would turn it off and so I had to switch it off at the back. This problem was made worse by the fact that both my onboard graphics and my graphics card stopped working. just before anyone states the ordinary stuff I must check, I have already gone though this whole list:

And checked them ALL.

It's currently in a breadboard state with nothing but a CPU and 1 stick of RAM. I've successfully got BIOS to come up by re-setting the CLRTC pins and removing the battery, whilst I was there I checked that there is no setting enabled that can wake the computer and I've also tried re-flashing the MOBO with no success. Once I turn the computer off it automatically restarts 2 seconds later, no graphics and same symptoms as before.
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  1. Sounds like a bricked or shorted board!
  2. What kind of PSU is that exactly?

    Can you borrow a different one from somewhere and try it?
  3. Raiddinn said:
    What kind of PSU is that exactly?

    Can you borrow a different one from somewhere and try it?

    Corsair TX650 it says in the text above!
  4. My bad, I misread it.

    Anyway, can you borrow a different one?
  5. Raiddinn said:
    My bad, I misread it.

    Anyway, can you borrow a different one?

    I honestly think it's not the PSU, it's only 3 days old! I'm currently using the said computer, with everything running fine, but it's still in a breadboard state because if I shut it down I will have to reset BIOS to get back on it. restarting and sleeping is fine so it makes things a little easier, every thing but the case is <7 days old
  6. Did you come here to teach us how to fix a problem or to have us help you fix your problem? Just wondering.

    I have little doubt that I can't fix your problem, but I do need you to work with me and do what I ask if I am to fix it.

    Not like you have very many options right now. You are breadboarding with next to nothing connected and the problem exists. Switching out hardware is the next logical step and the PSU is the first logical thing to switch out.

    If you want to switch out the other stuff first, go ahead. In my professional experience, the CPU, RAM, and motherboard don't have the odds on their side. I bet according to the odds.
  7. Sorry, took me a while to sort out trying another PSU, got one today and nothing has changed
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