P9X79 Pro - MicroHangs during Use (HELP!)

Hello Everyone,

I just assembled a new PC for a couple of weeks and I have noticed micro-stuttering/freezing when I am using the computer. It will usually last about 1-2 seconds and if there is audio streaming it will also stutter. I have been checking the temperature monitors and the mobo and cpu both are ranging from 32 C to 40 C (under load).

This usually happens once or twice a day considering I use the computer about 2-8+ hours. It's very irritating to have a brand new system and have this random problem. The problem occurs randomly when I am just doing light surfing on Firefox and listening to Spotify or if I'm playing a video game like Starcraft 2/Dota 2

My Computer Specs:
Intel i7 Extreme (Sandy Bridge E) cooled by NOCTUA DH-14
Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3 1600 (4 Dimms)
LSI MegaRaid 9266-4i - Raid 0 - Intel 520 120 GB x 4 (BOOT DISK)
WD Velociraptor 150 GB x 2
EVGA Geforce GTX670
ASUS Xonar STX Sound Card
Corsair 950 Watt PSU

Note: It is not the sound card because I put it in after I started experiencing this issue.

I have ram the Win Mem Diag on Standard and it passes twice.
I am running the extended test and see if it will pass.

I am not sure how important this is, but the ram I use is the CAS 7 version of the Vengeance. The ASUS QVL Memory list for the P9X79 Pro only has the CAS 9 version of the Vengeance on the list.

Any help would be great!

Thank you!
Alan S.
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  1. The GTX 670 is known to sometimes cause stuttering, so try an older or newer driver than your current driver version for it.

    Also, if this does not help, then test the RAM one module at a time. Sometimes, problems only show up if you don't have multiple modules installed at once.

    EDIT: The RAM itself should not be incompatible, but I recommended testing it to be sure that it's not faulty. QVLs tend to not have every compatible kit because the motherboard manufacturer doesn't test every DDR3 kit out there and the memory manufacturer doesn't test every motherboard out there.
  2. would the stuttering from th 670 cause audio distortion? I get audio stuttering as well as video when the problem occurs. I will be running MemTest and see what I can get.
  3. I'm assuming here (NH-D14) and CML16GX3M4X1600C7; BIOS AI Overclock Tuner -> XMP, if it's the RAM then manually change both the CPUVTT & VCCSA -> 1.20v.

    I'm also not a fanboy of the Realtek drivers, and in my situation I use the Windows High Definition Audio default drivers.

    Next, other browsers i.e. non-IE seem to do better with 'Hardware Acceleration' off. I personally don't use Spotify but just for curiosity when I Googled it appears to use Flash which takes me back to 'Hardware Acceleration' off.

    /edit I noticed this which kills the Ads:
    1) Start Up Spotify
    2) Click Edit, then Preferences
    3) Change Proxy Type To HTTPS
    4) Set The Proxy To
    5) Set The Port To 80
    6) Scroll Down And Click Apply
    7) Restart Spotify.

    I also noted Hardware Acceleration -- try turning it off.
  4. I would take out all the non-essential hardware just to rule all the random problems with stuff like CD drives out and simplify the configuration as the next step.
  5. I agree with Raiddinn, remove all the non-essential hardware, including the RAID card. For troubleshooting, I'd connect only one disk to motherboard SATA 6Gbs port. Install fresh windows 7 in it & see if you still experience stuttering or freezing.
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