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as soon as i get an internet connection on xp home it countsdown from 60 ive been to thousands of post but they didnt help ive tried patches sp2 and re formatting and still the same problem i put this one patch on it and now when an internet connection is present it shuts down right away with a navy blue screen for a second then restarts so if any one at al has any ideals i can use please help i deeply appricate it thank you
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  1. The countdown from 60 is a known virus. I can't remember the name exactly but I distinctly remember that day it popped up at work.
    The other problem sounds like you are getting the wonderful BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death). That usually points to a hardware problem but I suppose software can cause it too. What antivirus/firewall do you have? I highly recommend Avast as a free antivirus solution, it has served me better than norton ever has. For software firewalls Zone Alarm seems to be the popular choice though I have never used it (or any other software firewall for that matter).
    Scan the heck out of your machine for viruses and spyware. And make sure you get a firewall up.

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  2. its called blaster. stinger found it once then i re formatted it no it wont detect the virus but it still shutsdown without notice and ive been every where but i cant seem to get reaid of it so n-e other ideals
  3. What are your temps? The main cause of a bsod is hardware failure and that failure is usually caused by heat. Though that would be more random.
    Does it do it the instant you get online? or does it take a bit? What is your internet connection?

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  4. the man has a virus, and your talking about temps????????

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  5. any other computer on the internet can shutdown your computer in that way with the blaster worm if you dont have a firewall up or the patch. it should have come with sp2.

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  6. i tried like 5 diffrent patches and the countdown goes away but it still shutsdown with out any warning how do u take the auto restart if an erorr is found so it doesnt shut down any more
  7. Dump McAfee and put Avast on there.

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  8. ive tried all the anti virus except norton none can find it so should i just break and buy a whole new system a 1.8 ghz p4 i have an old pentium 2 so should i or not thankx for all the help
  9. I wouldn't go getting a new computer just because some one says to. It looks like the box your using (Pentium II) is very out dated but not necessarily needing replacement. My mother once asked me if she should get a newer computer and I told her as long as the one she's using does what she needs/wants it to do, then she didn't need a new one. Right after that she went out and bought a new one anyway : )
    As far as your problem is concerned it does look like the blaster virus or one of its' varriants. Cleaning up after it is possible and described at the following web address
    Before I hear it I don't use symantec :P This site describes what this thing is and what it does. Tells you where to get the proper OS patch and a work around for the internet shutdown thing for temporary use. It looks like system restore might be the culprit here. There is a tool on the site to download that cleans up after this. It is not clear to me though if you can use it if you are not running a symantec product. Also note that while the info on this page does appear to be useful understand what your doing before you do it. There may be some things you need to change back when your finished.

  10. yea but it isnt good enough for me so i upgraded and hopefully no more probs. thanx for the help
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