Pc is shutdown suddenly

Hello, please help me
my PC suddenly shutdown

my system is :
Desktop , mercury motherboard model no : (pmvd7) , celereon 3.0
windows xp
512 ram

I tried the following :
1- Format and reinstall clean copy of windows xp
2- change memory chipset , vga card , harddisk
3- Monitor fan and cpu temperature and they are normal
nothing solve the problem , the crazy PC shutdown after loading windows directly

4- i have a startup linux cd , boot from linux and work from the CD only the system is working fine

so, whats the problem ???
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  1. Have you tried testing the PSU? It might be faulty. Also, try running some memtests with one memory module at a time.
  2. I thought to Replace PSU but when the system works normally from Linux CD i said the PSU is not a possible reason
  3. Linux is more tolerant of hardware faults than Windows, especially PSU and memory faults. Linux working better than Windows is not really a good sign. For example, I had an old computer with faulty memory that would boot into my Tinycore live boot disk, but would not work with Windows until I replaced the memory. I later found out that the memory had a seemingly damaged chip on one of the modules.
  4. Thank you blazorthon, i also replace the memory chip but the system continue shutting down , i will try replacing the Power supply ...
  5. If that doesn't work, then maybe there's something wrong with your hard drive.
  6. Still looking for a power supply , i already changed the hard drive and the problem not solved
  7. The best place to look is really the PSU,

    as windows is more picky than Linux as ^ blazorthon wrote already.
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