Can the ATI Radeon 6850 do 120hz refresh??

Hello everyone, I just put together my new computer, I installed a radeon 6850 and have the Acer 23.6" 120hz 3d monitor. I'm using the DVI-D video cable which I read was necessary for 120hz, and I installed the latest drivers for my 6850 video card, but when I go into the display settings, I don't have the option to select 120hz, only up to 75hz...? Does anyone have any ideas?
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  1. So are you saying that even though my video card/computer is set at 60hz, the monitor is still refreshing at 120hz? Then why would my monitor require a specific cable for 120hz, and when I open the info page on the monitor it says its running at only 60hz?
  2. what resolution are you trying to do 120hz at? some monitors say their max refresh rate is XX hertz, but that is only supported for certain resolutions, usually lower res, and the max refresh at higher resolutions will not necessarily be the max the website/company listed.
  3. Also, I didn't notice before but I see now that my monitor says Invidia 3d vision ready, should I have bought an Invidia card instead of ATI to take full advantage of this monitor? Is that why I can't select 120hz?
  4. *Nvidia...
  5. ATI cards can do 120Hz for 3D. However, AMD does not offer any drivers for their cards to operate in 120Hz mode. You must purchase 3rd party drivers in order to do so. Why did ATI decide to do this? I don't know... save money from development time?

    If you want 3D, then go with nVidia.

    A 120Hz monitor requires a dual DVI-D connections; each DVI-D provides 60Hz. I am guessing ATI can be used at 120Hz if you want to be able to see more FPS than a 60Hz monitor can provide, but for 3D you must purchase 3rd party drivers as I stated before.
  6. Thank you! Going to pick up a GTX460 today...
  7. lol a 460 will never produce 120 fps to match the 120 hz; 60hz per eye, if you want 3d go for a gtx 580 or higher (even that will not produce a constant 120 fps in all games, unless you are going to have a really high end setup (sli 580s) or reduce the res and settings you will not achieve this with a gtx 460, 60 hz 3d (30 per eye) is more realistic
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