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So this is something that rather... baffles me. I recently had to get my screen changed on my asus n82j, and the tech ordered the exact same one. However when my laptop has been closed long enough for it to cool down (i.e about more than an hour) if i open it while it runs on the battery, the screen works flawlessly. If i open it plugged in the AC or if i plug in the AC after it has started it up, it takes about... 2-5 minutes for the screen to actually work, and then it flickers for about 10-15 seconds. After that while, it works completely flawlessly even if i unplug it, replug it, put it into sleep mode for travel or even close it completely down for a mere matter of minutes (the max it went being closed down without problems is about 30 mins.

I haven't checked drivers, i am at work and will check it when i get home, but my previous screen had no problems, so i honestly doubt it has to do with drivers (although updating wouldnt hurt). I haven opened up the screen case and haven't noticed any problems... and on the long run there is absolutely no problems, it really is just a mere startup issue.

it,s not a BIG problem, but lets face it, i'd rather it not become one and it is still annoying.

thank you in advance.
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  1. Drivers checked, everything is in order, and it still happens. Anyone has any clues?
  2. Either bad LCD (backlight) or mobo is going out. In my experience its usually a bad backlight on an LCD, refurbished equipment what do ya expect.
  3. it's actually not refurbished, it's brand new straight from Asus
  4. domaphir said:
    it's actually not refurbished, it's brand new straight from Asus

    Im sure it said that right on the static bag didnt it. Almost ALL laptop warranty parts are referbs. I was a field tech for Dell for a long time, too long, and I have replaced thousands of lcds....ALL with refurbished lcds.

    Have you tried to hook it up to an external monitor yet?
  5. thats a mighty fine question then, since i didnt hook it up myself. so perhaps it was refurb. Also, yes i hooked it up to an external, no problem there (unfortunately?)
  6. Is it still under warranty? It sounds like the LCD is indeed dead. If you hooked it up to an external and it was giving you the same probs we would have to assume it to be the mobo at that point. So its either the LCD or the inverter (the hardware that "wakes" up the screen after being closed). Either way it sounds like the LCD he brought was doa to begin with.
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