Suggest a motherboard!

After successfully screwing up my old motherboard, itz tym to upgrade to a new one... :p

My old system specification:

* Intel Core 2 duo e7500 2.93Ghz 3M cache oc. to 3.8Ghz [need to change]
* Asus P5kpl AM/PS motherboard [screwed!] :p
* Zion 2Gb DDR2 Ram [need to change]
* 500.01 GB SATA Seagate HDD
* Ati Radeon 4350HD 1GB Graphics card
* Samsung SATA DVD RW Optical Drive

Now, as I'm upgrading my motherboard, processor & ram only so I need a motherboard that is fully compatible with my present hard drive & graphics card...!!

Well, i also have three choices:

* Gigabyte GA-H61M-D2H Motherboard
* ASUS P8H61-M PLUS V2 Motherboard
* ASROCK H61-M-HVGS Motherboard
* ASRock H61M/U3S3 Motherboard

-- Which 1 of them is d best...?? For which 1 sud i go...??

I'm willing to make a low-end gaming rig...
I'm sulely gonna get a Core i5 aftr 6-8mnthz!
Bt, presently i need a motherboard that will support core i5 (for future) & any low-end 2nd gen Pentium Dual Core for present use n 4 keeping that whole machine alive!
I think, a Pentium Dual Core G620 can help me
I have already bought a Corsair DDR3 4GB RAM (1333) ram...

So, I need a motherboard compatible with :

* Intel Pentium Dual Core G620 [2nd gen] <Willing to buy for present use> & Intel Core i5 [2nd gen] <for future use : willing to buy aftr 6-8 months>
* 500.01 GB SATA Seagate HDD <Already own>
* Ati Radeon 4350HD 1GB Graphics card <Already own>
* Samsung SATA DVD RW Optical Drive <Already own>
* Corsair DDR3 4GB RAM (1333) <Already own>

Plz help me... I'll be very grateful...
Tnx again 4 visiting!
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  1. Just take whichever you want. They're all basically the same. Bear in mind that those motherboards do not allow overclocking nor crossfire/sli so if you are considering any of those in the future it may be better to buy a motherboard using either the P67 or the Z68 chipset.
    You may also want to upgrade the GPU
  2. Well the second Asrock motherboard you selected is cheaper than the Gigabyte one and they are basically the same.
  3. Guys, asrock is d cheaper one among them! but is the built quality of asrock good...???
  4. The thing with brands is that there are usually good and bad opinions. Personally I prefer ASUS or Gigabyte and avoid ASRock and Biostar however there are many people who don't like Gigabyte and both ASRock and Biostar are recommended many times.
    If you have a brand preference go with it. If not just take the cheapest
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