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GTX 460 Under-performing

To make a short story long, I just recently bought GTX 460 as a replacement for my KIA 8800GT. After I got it up and running finally, I decided to test it out with a few games. I first played GTA IV on medium and I noticed an improvement over my old card, but it still didn't feel like a big one. I then tried Bulletstorm 4xAA and the highest settings and probably got 20-35 fps throughout. That's not bad at all, but I read some benchmarks on this card and apparently they were getting 50-70 fps on the same settings (1680x1050/4xAA/High All).

I'm no genius when it comes to this type of stuff, but could my cpu be bottlenecking my card's performance? Here are my specs by the way:

750 Watt Power Supply
Intel i3-530 @ 2.93
2x2 G Skill DDR3-1333
Sparkle GeForce GTX 460
Gigabyte ga-h55-usb3 MOBO

I have nothing overclocked. Is this the actual performance of the card or something not right?

Thanks in advance,
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  1. I found the solution, but I don't know what causes the problem.

    I changed the resolution from 1680x1050 to 1600x1200 (16:9 to 4:3) and that made the fps skyrocket. I'm assuming it's a problem with the game.
  2. There are 3 different versions of the GTX460.

    Which one did you get?
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    there is a problem with bulletstorm running at 16X10 (if you read the review on ign it tells you a custom res you can use), also in games that need a healthy quad such as bfbc2 or gta iv, your i3 is not going to cut it, everything else looks fine to me
  4. also what is the make and model of your psu?
  5. It's a problem with the game, if the ratio is divisible by 8 or something then it has low fps...
  6. yeah exactly, good well im glad you found the issue, Ive played bulletstorm on many different rigs and overall its great but it still has a stutter here and there mainly in loading up a new scene
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