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Hi everyone,

I'm about to upgrade from a Phenom II X2 to an i5 3570K. The problem is I'm stuck between 3 motherboards, so I just wanted some opinions on which would be best. I don't do any media editing, only gaming and casual browsing. I might try a mild OC but nothing above 4.2/4.3Ghz.

The 3 motherboards are:
ASRock Z77 Extreme4
Gigabyte Z77X-D3H
Asus P8Z77-V LX

Any ideas?
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  1. Since you don't have any links, I would go for the best value of the three. I use biostar, but few on this website recommend them. I have used asrock boards in the past, and had no serious issues with them.
  2. I would grab the Gigabyte board, the pcie slots are farther apart meaning lower temps in sli/crossfire as one card isn't starving the other. Not to mention the placement of that Cmos switch on the asrock board is extremely retarded.

    Asus might OC better though because it has 4+8 phase power while the others only have 6 phase (asrock has 4+1+1)

    I would still go with the gigabyte though.

    edit: Scratch that asus might be better thing, I can't see any heatsinks on the VRM (this is might be due to there website not letting me view any other images then the cover image...)
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