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So I'm building a new extreme rig and I finally finished my parts list. Soon after I read that Intel was coming out with new chips in a couple months. After having read Tom's article about the new SB-E chips and various other articles I'm pretty sure there is no point in really waiting for the new stuff since I don't plan on buying them. The i7 2600K is still amazing. The Ivy Bridge isn't even coming out till March of 2012.

My question is basically this - how much will the current prices on things drop when Intel releases their products? I'll still wait if the price is going to go down by a few hundred dollars - I'm just not sure if I should count on that.

Any words of wisdom? I'm also getting the ASROCK Z68 Extreme 7 Gen 3 MoBo, if that helps. I just don't see the value in spending 515 dollars on something that isn't that big of an upgrade with Ivy so close. The 2600K is 315 right now.

Also I'd appreciate some wisdom in guessing how much prices for other components might go down when Intel comes out with the chips.
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  1. Anyone got pearls when it comes to how the market dips? It's been a while since I've been proactively watching prices. Any snippet on trends would be nice >.>
  2. they are about 6 months away. Something new is about every 6 months and tech doubles every 2 years. You decide if you want to wait because if you keep waiting for the next big thing. You'll be waiting forever.
  3. Intel rarely drops prices, and when they do it's very little.

    I mean the past tells us that the Q6600 and the Q9550 and the i7-920 never dropped more than $20 and then they went UP as they became less available.
  4. So other parts like mobos and what not won't go down in price?
  5. i hate to be another bulldozer troll but its close to release and it may be a good idea to check out the performance or at least a slight intel price drop
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    The mobos will go down slightly in time. The problem is the 1155 chipsets are all current gen and until they are replaced there is no reason to drop the prices. They might go down $5-10 in the next year. Processors also don't go down by much especially from Intel. Memory prices have large fluctuations. They have dropped by half in the last 6 months.
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