Faulty GTX480 Fixable?

Just looking at buying a faulty card but wanted to know what your guys thoughts are about it being fixable.
Its a gtx480. The guy said that he was playing crysis on it when it a BSOD showed for a split second and trip power supply making it go into protect mode (short circuit). From the pic it looks like a mosfet. If it isnt what chip is it and is it easy to replace?

Heres whats happened:

I think this is were it is on the PCB:

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  1. Ok first of all your pics don't work.

    Secondly, if the card was defective, you would return it for a new one. Why would someone sell you a card that didn't work when it's still under warranty?

    Sounds like maybe he overclocked it too far, burnt it up, and the manufacturer wouldn't replace it due to his overclocking. I wouldn't touch it with a 10ft. pole.
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