$600-$800 Web Development / Test Server Machine

I'm a web developer and am planning to build a system for work. I'll use the machine as:

1. A development machine - Always used programs include - Windows 7, Outlook, Visual Studio, Sql Server Manager, Lots of web browser windows
Occasionally used programs include - IIS, Photoshop, Flash, MS Office, MySQL Workbench
2. A Test server - Programs include IIS 7, SQL Server, MySql and the computer will always be on

I frequently work remote so will probably remote desktop to the computer 50% of the time.

Approximate Purchase Date: 1 week to a month

Budget Range: $600-800 After Rebates

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Development machine (quickly open and efficiently run programs), Test Server

Parts Not Required: I have all external peripherals (keyboard, mouse, monitors)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

Country of Origin: USA

Parts Preferences: Quality parts that will last with an always on machine

Overclocking: Probably not

SLI or Crossfire: Not sure

Monitor Resolution: 22" monitor (1440x900). Will likely go with a dual monitor set up at some point

Additional Comments: A quiet pc would be nice but I wouldn't mind a little bit of fan noise. I'm leaning towards a SSD because I want the applications to load quick and I don't need a ton of space (128 - 200GB should be fine)

michxymi's build here looks appealing -
I'd probably want to upgrade the CPU and get a SSD.

Additional Questions:
1. From a price / performance standpoint, should I get a graphics card? Not having to get a USB VGA to run two monitors would be a plus

2. How important is the wattage on the power supply? Since the machine will always be on, should I get something that's at least 600W?

Thanks for the help and any feedback! This will be my first build so I'm looking forward to it
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    personally id go for something like this, considering your budget. you can cut the 500gb storage drive if you dont feel like youll need it, but its only $32 with the combo.

    I dont think youll need a graphics card, even for 2 monitors. you can always add one later, but your tasks do not typically require one. A 400w psu will be more than enough, even if you were to add a moderately powerful graphics card.

    is the i5-2400 overkill for you needs? would a phenom ii 955 be fine? imo, if youre willing to spend the extra money ($200+) for the performance of an SSD, its silly not to go for the vastly better processor. the vertex 3 is the fastest ssd available, definitely not a requirement for your needs, but it fits in the budget. imo, if youre going to pay $220 for a fast drive, pay $250 and get the fastest drive.

    if youre a business, you can save 15% on all SSDs with a newegg business account
  2. very cool, thanks for the help and recommendations genghiskron. I would rather go for a better processor and even if it's requires waiting to purchase the SSD. I figure SSD's are dropping in price and I'd rather get a CPU that is going to last a few years. Is there a significant performance gain with SSD with opening programs and running 10gb database backup and restores?

    Would there be two ports for dual monitors, or would I need a USB video card?

    Another newbie question is what about a NIC card, or is there a port on most cases?
  3. One thing I was thinking about doing is getting a smaller 64gb SSD for ~$120 and loading the OS and all of the program files on that drive. I'd also get the DVD Drive / HDD that genghiskron recommended so would have the HDD for extra storage if needed.
  4. Is anyone able to answer these questions? I think they're pretty basic for anyone who has built a couple of computers. Thanks

    Do I need to get a NIC card, or is there a ethernet port on most cases?

    Would there be two ports for dual monitors, or would I need a USB video card?
  5. Motherboards now pretty much always come with a 10/100 or 10/100/1000 ethernet connection. ( or in some cases 2 of them )
    So you will not need a NIC card.

    H67 and Z68 chipsets support 2 monitors, so you shouldn't need a USB video card either.
  6. Thanks rvilkman for the response. I'll probably go with the build that genghiskron recommended. Seems tough to beat but I'll also keep my eye out for some sales in the next couple of days.
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