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Should I go with regular or superclocked GPUs?

Hey, guys. I decided that I'll be using a GTX 580 in my build (and I'll add a second one when I need more power). I'll be buying from EVGA through Newegg (Newegg is awesome and I've heard EVGA has excellent customer service).

Anyways, I've seen that there are two versions of this card, a regular version and a "superclocked" version. Here's are the Newegg links for both of them...



So, the "superclocked" version is twenty bucks more. Will it perform any better than the regular version? I've never tried to overclock anything before, but I think I'll be trying it with my new build. Will the "superclocked" overclock more easily/more stably? Does that extra twenty bucks have any impact on performance out-of-the-box?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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  1. Check the product details page...

    Core Clock
    797Mhz (vs. 772Mhz reference)

    Shader Clock
    1594 MHz (vs. 1544 MHz reference)


    Effective Memory Clock
    4050 MHz (vs.4008 MHz reference)
  2. Oops, my bad. I wasn't specific enough. I checked the detail page, and (in my supreme noobishness) had no idea what a real improvement looks like in terms of Mhz. That doesn't look like much of a huge difference to me, but I honestly don't know how much of a performance boost is there.

    Care to give it to me in layman's terms?
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    Yeah, that factory OC is rather unimpressive. Both cards use the same cooler so I would just get the one at reference speeds and overclock on my own if I were you.
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  5. Thanks, just the answer I was looking for!
  6. My vote is go with regular clocks. I always look at the super clocks and the performance difference is usually not enough from regular cards to warrant the price although sometimes they do run much cooler depending if they changed the factory cooler. Either way you will usually find the regular cards will OC a little without much hassle already.
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