Inquiry about performance on new processor and heat

Hello guys, It's been a while since i post something on forum, Need some guidance about processor and also my temp.
I have changed from Core 2 Duo E7400 to Q9300 processor. Here's the question

1.When changing the processor would it make any different on movie example blue ray movie? does it make huge different when changing these processor?

2.My pc is on 24/7 when using my previous processor, when i changed to new processor can it still make the same job as my old one? I'm using the previous heat sink Cooler Master Hyper TX3 for this new processor, Can this heat sink do the job or do i need to changed to a bigger one? I'm not very good about temp on processor? here's an attachment about my temp...

Your reply is much appreciate and thanks in advance....
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  1. Depending on the software that you are using would answer if there was a difference in the encoding a movie. If the software that you are running is multi-threaded and can support 4 threads then you would see a performance boost from the Intel® Core™ 2 Quad Q9300. If the software isnt multi-threaded then the Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 will give you small performance advantage.

    The cooler that you used on the Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 should work on the Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 and you might see a little higher temps from the quad core.

    I hope I was able to answer your questions.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  2. Thanks for the reply and sorry also for my late reply ^_^.

    Regarding the software i just test it and YES as you said it, encoding movie very fast using this new processor, Btw i'm using Xillisoft software to encode it.But from viewing the blue ray movie from your perspective does it make any difference when watching movie example blue ray film, does it make film more sharp or smooth? Sorry if my question seem noobs as i'm new to encoding film file.

    And about the fan processor i'm planning to changed to CM V6 GT fan as precaution.
    p.s: Don't have enough budget to changed to i5 or 17 and that's why i stick to socket 775 as the processor i got very cheap about US20 from my friend.
  3. Forgot to tell you also that these are the spec for my pc if it would make any different.

    1.P5P43TD PRO Asus
    2.Kingston 4gb 1333mhz x4
    3.Asust GT430
    4.500gb seagate x2 for making it RAID 0.
    5.2TB Hdd samsung x4.
    5.CM HAF932 .
  4. If you kept the extra brackets for the Hyper TX3, adding a 92mm fan for a 'push-pull' should easily address any additional cooling needs.

    edit: I fergit ...

    Your BR should be handled by your GT430 GPU HW acceleration, and CPU utilization should be minimal. Verify that you have installed the appropriate drivers for H.264 HW acceleration.
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