No Signal from TP-WN851N wireless card in PCI slot 2

I got a Asus M4A89GTD PRO motherboard and i just installed a TP-WN851N wireless network card. I put it in the second PCI slot because my Graphic card is blocking the first one and i use crossfire so it's the only port left. The wireless card connect fine and I have installed the latest driver and it all works as planned except it cannot find any networks (yes, I have tried to place the computer just at the networksignals source and other computers can find the network). The led light on the card works but in the manual it says it should be a consistent light at the "status" led and it blinks. Does it matter that i have it in the second PCI slot? Or what can the problem be? I also had problems with my motherboard installing the wrong driver but i uninstalled that and installed the latest driver from TP-Links homepage. I use Windows 7.
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Simon from Sweden.
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    This forum thread takes up the exakt same issue, but i cannot find how to disable any ports in bios. How do i do that?
    No direct solution in the the thread.
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