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AMD MoBo upgrade

I am looking for an upgrade from a gigabyte M68MT-S2P to a board that can handle 4 sticks of ram and at least 2 Radeon 6770 or better video cards and supports AM3+.
I currently have a 1000w, PSU 4X4Gb sticks of ram, a Gemini II CPU cooler, and both a AM3 Phenom II x4 925 and an AM3+ FX-4170 processor.
I do a little bit of gaming and watch videos.
I will not be overclocking at all.
It would be nice if the the board does not have constant or near constant Bios issues. (I had bought a Sabretooth that I RMAed 3 times before getting a refund.)
I know this is a rather broad spectrum but choosing a MoBo isn't like it was 5-10 years ago I have choices of so many things including color.

I would prefer links through newegg or tiger direct.
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  1. Your current board supports those processors and ANY pci-e video card you desire.

    It only has 2 dimm slots though, which is fine for your needs, you really don't need more than 4GB of ram for gaming and no more than 6GB for most users even under multitasking so anything over 8GB is really wasted. Besides if you only have 32bit windows you can only use 4GB anyways.
  2. I have dual 6770 Radeona cards and 64 bit windows. Forgot to specify I had 64bit earlier. And I would like to use the extras I had bought seeing as I spent the money for them and it is past the refund time frame.

    Also When I say gaming I am talking things like Diablo 3, COD:BO, and Fallout:NV.
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    This is the board for you

    ASRock 970 EXTREME4 AM3+ $99.99

    Even though it's a 970 board it splits the 16x lanes into 8x/8x like 990X board. If you want to go with a 990FX board to get 16x/16x CF then I say go with either

    SRock 990FX Extreme3



    Gigabyte board are very easy to use and configure, but personally I prefer the options in ASRock boards. It's hard to justify spending more than that for an AMD board now, but the ASRock 990FX Extreme4 might be an option for as it has a few extra things over the Extreme 3 like a USB 3.0 bracket for a front drive bay. Also, if you're not overclocking the FX 4170 it kind of defeats the point of having one :p
  4. Sry I didn't see that you had TWO 6770's.

    The extreme 3 would be a good choice as well as the others.
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