CPU wont fit into motherboard

recently i bought a CM v6GT. while i was putting it in the cpu socket on the motherboard cracked and my cpu fit in one side only.the other side just popping out. should i just force the cpu into the socket ?
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  1. No no no forcing. U wil ruin the CPU. It should be a perfect fit. What mobo and CPU do u have? What did u crack?
  2. The cpu only goes in one way, theres a gold tab one one corner you align with the correct socket corner. This is all explained in your mobo manual.

    But if the mobo cracked, you didn't follow the directions and you'll need a new mobo. If you bent pins on the cpu you'll need a new one of those too unless you can straighten them without breaking them.
  3. if you have broken the the mobo, hope you kept your receipt
  4. CPU - AMD Phenom X6 1075T

    things that cracked - the plastic bracket for cpu on the mobo. the locking mechanism is out of order.
  5. Congratulations : you just broke your mobo, and potentially your CPU too.
  6. You probably didnt align the gold arrow right when putting it in. As for the broken piece. Thats fixable if you get a after market heatsink that uses a different mechanism. EX- the Coolermaster Hyper 212+
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