My New Build - Already Purchased Mostly

I just ordered nearly all the parts, need to put this baby together, let me know what you guys think! Hopefully I have made no blunders here.

Lanboy Air (Red)

Asus Maximus Extreme IV - Z

MSI N570GTX Twin Frozr II OC GeForce GTX 570

Mushkin Enhanced Redline 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2133

COOLER MASTER Silent Pro Gold Series RSA00-80GAD3-US 1000W

I ordered 2 extra 120mm fans for the Lanboy Air case - Thermaltake AF0026 Smart Blue LED 120mm Fan

Reused: 3 1 TB HD SEAGATE SATA - II 7200RPM

HP DVD/CD burner

Antec Kuhler 920

-I definitely want to get an SSD at some point, but the budget won't allow. Also I think for the time being this build will be even beyond what I need for a while.


My ONLY question is do I get the i7 2600k or the i5 2500k, what do you guys think? I was going to make a trip to Microcenter sometime this week to pick it up, figured I would decide when I got there...I'd appreciate some insight on the subject!

I will be using this computer for video editing , downloading/watching movies and video streaming (youtube), web design and development, and definitely the occasional gaming. I don't expect to be running servers on this computer.

Thanks again,
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  1. You could've squeezed in a SSD with a non-ROG mobo, lower wattage PSU and 1600 RAM and not notice a thing. But looks like you're aiming for the top-of-the-line parts and ordered already :<.

    On the CPU, if you're just gaming, 2500K is plenty, but if you're serious about video editing, 2600K wont be a waste either.
  2. Thanks for the reply!
    Yeah the PSU was on sale for 180, so I went for it. I read great reviews on the internet from Mushkin RAM. I was originally going to go cheap and get the Corsair Vengeance 2 x 4GB but i heard the heat sinks fall off and are useless and also are very tall. I am just not sure which CPU to get, is the 100 extra dollars really worth it? I guess if I get the i5 2500k I could get an SSD sooner. >_<;;
  3. With the Antec 920 there are no issues with the height of the heatsinks. I agree with TImop's evaluation of the CPU. The Maximus Extreme is really overkill if you are not gaming, but as you already have it, it is a top of the line mobo. Are you going to SLI? It seems a shame if you don't SLI down the road as your rig is just chomping at the bit to do it.
  4. I definitely plan on going dual/tri SLI down the line. But at this point, one GTX 570 is the budget limit.
  5. Went and bought the 2500k and a couple of 120mm blue LED fans.
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