Which molnitor for gaming

I am going to buy new monitor for gaming.

And i am deciding between these monitors:


- LG W2240T

- LG E2260V

- LG W2486L

- LG IPS236V

The links are just for reference what i can get in my country at budget around 150$.

Which of these is the best for gaming?

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  1. Either

    SAMSUNG S22A350H


    LG W2486L

    are going to be the best for gaming, due to the 2MS response time. The longer the response time, the worst gaming gets. That said, none of them have bad response times, those 2 are just the best.

    The one I would suggest (and actually personally own) is the samsung. The colors are exceptional, it is fast, and very well built. Samsung is known for making the best LED/LCD panels out there.
  2. +1 for samsung

    i have a samsung monitor and cant fault it--not only does it do the job but looks good as well and was the 1st monitor i ever saw with touch sensitive on off button
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