HELP ATI 4890 too big to use PCI slots


I've got a system built on a micro ATX mobo ALiveNF6G-VSTA (not the best)

I'm replacing my HD 3850 with a HD 4890 which takes the space of 2 slots because of the heatsink and fan.

Trouble is I also want to have my Satalite tuner card (Compro VideoMate S350 DVB-S) in the bottom PCI slot but it wont bloody fit because of the fan on the 4890.

The way I see it I have a few options

1- get a new ATX mobo £40 I can get something that will sort me out without changing any other components

2- get a flexible PCI riser card and put the tuner card lower in my case (case is a big old ATX tower)

3- sell the 4890 and stick with the 3850 :(

Anyone had a similar problem.

Anyone had any success with a PCI riser used in this way? :whistle:
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  1. Option 1 is worth it for the increase in GPU performance.
  2. Cheers

    Decided I'd rather get a new full sized board so I've gone for Asrock ALIVEXFIRE-ESATA R3.0 AMD AM2+ £37 all inc

    Which should give me some scope to upgrade more in the future
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