Tight budget motherboard suggestions for video editing

Hey guys, I'm having to replace a fried motherboard on my computer that was bought specifically for video/picture editing.

My budget scenario is that my mother is willing to take out a $500 loan to get me completely up and running. I have to buy the motherboard, windows 7 professional, and am getting 16gb ram. But this loan must also cover the cost of installation which so far is about a $100 quote.

Now I have my heart set on an ASUS p7p55d-e pro, but with all the other components involved, that's really pushing it budgetwise.

The main programs i'll be using on this are the Adobe cs5.5 suite.

So I'm wondering if you all have any other suggestions on less expensive motherboards that will suffice extreme video editing.


i7 870
Radeon 5850
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  1. Hi Woody,

    One motherboard is going to be fairly similar to another as far as performance goes. The only difference is going to be the number/type of ports available and maybe a few bells and whistles on the really high end boards.

    If the p7p55d-e pro has all the ports you are looking for, it will be an excellent choice (although they may be tough to find, Newegg was out of stock). Asus is one of, if not the, best names when it comes to MOBOs.

    As far as a shop charging $100 for installation, that's pretty ridiculous. These things fit together like Legos and you should be able to do the replacement yourself fairly easily. If you run into any trouble, there are tons of video walkthroughs on Youtube and you can always come back here to ask for advice.

    Good luck and happy building.
  2. Whats up subasteve thanks for the advice! I think im going to go with the p7p55d-e lx. Whatcha think?

    Anyways I think about installing the parts myself constantly, however I have extremely low confidence in myself because of the past. The whole reason I fried my last motherboard, was simply because I tried installing additional RAM. I guess I did the static discharge or something but I was thinking if I can't even install RAM properly, why would I ever try to do more advanced work myself. Another thing is "WE IS POOR" and this will be the only money my mother will be able to get so I literally can't afford to have anything go wrong. Thanks again

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