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Z77 Mobo: Asrock Extreme6, MSI GD65 or GB UD3H?

Wanted to get the UD5h which unfortunately would not be available in my country(outrageous, really. There's no reason to specifically leave out this single mobo out of ~20 other Z77s),or the Asrock professional, but it had prices jacked up $100 locally. Again, outrageous.

So now I must either step down $20 to the Extreme6, GD65, UD3H(identically priced), or step up $100 for the Deluxe, Fatality, GD80 range boards. I chose to step down.

Other relevant specs:
i5-3570k(to OC-ed to 45x with Hyper 212 Evo)
MSI Power Edition 7850(likely to OC a little), planning to add another in 2-3 years time(or whenever it starts underperforming)
2x 4GB DDR3 (Corsair Vengeance/G.Skill Ares/Ripjaws, they all cost the same here, which I am also looking to either overclock or tighten CAS latency)

It seems that among these boards, the biggest difference would be the ALC898 on Asrock and MSI, vs the VT2021 on UD3h. Both of them are highest-tier codecs by Realtek and VIA respectively, and no amount of Googling can turn up any decent answers to which is better.

Can any kind soul here enlighten me either regarding the audio codec's performance, or highlight any noteworthy features specific to either boards? Most reviews(including tomshardware) can't give a definite answer on which is better. In fact, these 3 boards are rarely compared at all.

Thanks in advance for all your help!
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  1. max budget you are willing to spend?
  2. I think that the Extreme6 is the best equipped board out of those.
  3. thanks for the replies!

    hellfire24, this 3 boards cost exactly the same here, $319 SGD. The next more expensive are $400, so my max budget can be considered $319, but I'm only choosing between these 3 boards anyway.

    rolli59, could you please explain?
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    Actually I was confusing the MSI with the GD55, the GD65 and extreme6 would both cross reference over to the UD5 if we want to class the boards on connectivity and features. The UD3 is in class with GD55 and Extreme4.
  5. Hey thanks for the link! Never knew Newegg had such a handy comparison feature. Cool.

    I'll go with the GD65 afterall. Still such a shame that UD5h is the ONLY mobo in the current and past 3 generations that the distributors refuse to bring in ):
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