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Motherboard Replacement

Hi, im pretty clueless when it comes to computers.
My motherboard died recently and i need to find a replacement
The old motherboard specs are on this site
Anyone know what motherboard will be a good replacement?
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    Thats a g41 chip mobo. You can get a asrock g41 mobo. It has same specification like your dead board.
  2. The old motherboard dimensions were 9.6x9.6, this ones 9.6x7.6 will that work?
    also my old motherboard didn't have PS2 ports but the motherboard u showed me does, will that fit into my tower?
  3. This mobo should fit in your case. If there room for back panel in your case, your can use back panel shield case delivered with mobo.
  4. ok cool
    one more question, will i still have win7 installed after i replace this motherboard? oh and will this motherboard work too?
    i just prefer to use amazon( faster shipping)
  5. Yes, asus board is more good than asrock though more price than asrock. But they are good.

    Asus board is also has the same specification like your dead one. But you have to reinstall win7 again as your dead mobo and asus mobo are different and has different driver.
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