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I need motherboard help!

Ok, I'm building a gaming computer and i need help choosing a motherboard. I could also use some help figuring out which processor to use because the kind of motherboard i get will effect what king of processor i get and vise versa. I'm also wondering if LGA 2011 socket processors/motherboards are better/faster than LGA 1155 socket processors/motherboards. I dont have any kind of budget so i want to get the best of the best. also i am planning on overclocking if that effects anything.
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    LGA 2011 cpu is faster than LGA 1155 cpu. But for gaming, Lga1155 is more than enough. A i5-3570k is all you need with a z77 chip mobo. You can oc i5 if you need more frame or gaming on high resolution. For ocing you just need a good aftermarket cooler.
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