I can't get into the bios boot menu. I re-installed XP home on an hp machine and now I have to press f2 to continue the booting of the operating system. Bios version Phoenix-Award v6 00PG.
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  1. Press the "del" key just before you get to the post screen. Then "save and exit" after checking your bios settings.
  2. Just before the boot screen I hit the "del" and it did nothing ??? It still goes to the f1 for setup or f2 to continue. When I first turn on the PC and if I hit Esc for boot menu it goes to the f1 for setup screen or f2 to continue and freezes at that screen. So I have to restart and let it go to that screen again and then press f2 to continue, Then it loads up the system.
  3. You may want to check for a "fast boot" setting and enable it; also be sure the lan boot up is disabled. Most hp bios have limited adjustments; I only use one boot device; I suggest if you have more than one hardrive, disconnect any extra drives and try just one drive only. If your system quits pausing at the post screen, connect the backup drive while windows is running and it will configure it as a secondary drive. Sorry I can't be of more help. I've had compaq and hp boards; some of the newer ones have more bios settings; the old ones are #$%^.
  4. I just read that some companies put the boot menu on a partition on the hardrive??? If this is true??? When I partioned and reformatted for a clean install I lost the boot menu, so how do I get it back is the question now. Tommy
  5. That's an older standard bios. You can reset it by removing the board battery for one minute with the power supply unplugged, then reinstall and turn on your system. The post screen should appear and tell you which "f" key to press to enter the bios. If you get into the bios, set the boot order to cd (dvd)>hardrive, enable "smartfan" if your board has it in the hardware monitor section, check the ram settings, then save and exit.
  6. on the first screen is the H/P logo and it says Esc for boot menu and it never loads it up??? Also on that screen is F1 to enter boot setup , F2 to continue, or F10 for recovery. It will not go into boot menu so Every time I boot up I have to hit F2 to continue to load the XP system. I tried pulling the Cmos battery and it did not work. I think H/P put the boot menu on the hard drive and now it is gone.Do you know how to get back the file or a way to repair it???
  7. You need to press the "del" key before you see the post screen to enter the bios. F1 might also work. If you wait until you see the post screen before pressing a key, then you're too late. Also, you can try a different keyboard with a different port; using a usb keyboard, then try a ps2 keyboard or vice-versa.
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