Is a phys-x card needed?

hi all,
i have a ati radeon 5850 toxic gfx card, is it needed for me to buy a pyhs-x card? and are they still available?
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  1. Any Nvidia card that is capable of Physx can be used as a Physx card, but ATI card can't use Physx without a Physx card, while Nvidia cards can, as Physx is a Nvidia technology.
  2. so i can buy a cheapo nvidia card just for physx?
  3. yes, but you won't be able to run it with official drivers
  4. ok sounds cool, but how does it work? how do i install in etc?
  5. I used to have a GTX 295 until it died. I then upgraded to an ATi 5970 and have never looked back. I honestly can't tell i'm not using an Nvida card. All my games such as Metro which used PhysX etc I can't tell a difference other than i'm getting better framerates. I'm not an expert in this field so would be interested to hear why people think a PhysX card is of use? I'm not saying it's not of use, but why people think it is? (Sorry I didn't answer your original question r3m_wolvy)
  6. For me personally, sometimes PhysX looks really nice, but sometimes it really kills the performance, and i really do not care about the sh*t coming out of the wall when i shoot at it, also i do not make any difference on Metro2033 when you shoot at ice...
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