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PCI 2.0 16x/16x vs 16x/8x vs 8x/8x

Hello everyone, I'm looking for an older article that was written on TH that compared 16x/16x vs 16x/8x vs 8x/8x. I know overall there isn't much of a difference between 16x/16x or 16x/8x when running graphics cards, but I'm still looking for the chart to much sure I'm correct on this matter. Thanks for any information!
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  1. it all depends on what gpus you are running, as we saw on the current article on the hompage of toms, the 16x makes a fps or two difference but overall the p67 performs better than the X58 boards just bc the SB chips are faster which more than makes up for a frame or two lost by the gtx 570s
  2. ^+1 and probably AMD cards lose more than nVidia when comparing x8/x8 to x16/x16
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    An old chart is going to give you old info on old hardware. Tom's has a new article talking about the P67 chipset vs x58 in SLI and CF performance with 1, 2, & 3 cards. The P67 runs at x8 x8 with 2 cards, while the x58 runs at x16 x16. Check it out, link is below. Most cards won't max out a x8 PCI-E 2.0 slot so the performance isn't really going to be much if any. Maybe with 2 dual GPU cards there would be a difference, but not a single GPU card.,2910.html
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    Very correct information!

    If you have old mobo's sticking to x16 is better safe than sorry.
  5. no really the sb boards running dual gtx 570s perform better than x58 because of the faster cpu, so really the 16x16x matters very little with a gtx 570/6970 level of performance, but I would assume that the 6990 and gtx 590 would be severly held back by an 8x8 board, imo
  6. Alright, well I see there really isn't much of a difference with 8x/8x or 16x/16x when scaling two single gpu cards in anything at or below a gtx 579/6970. I know Intel does very while when using scaling two or more cards, however, how do current AMD offerings hold up? I'm assuming not as well as Intel, but how much performance is lost? Thanks for info!
  7. OP:

    huh? crossfire and sli both have their problems although I'd like to think there are more crossfire problems then sli ones,

    as far as amd and intel go they both have good offerings in the cpu arena although the SB platform from intel currently seems to have the best value imo
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