How much can i overclock my cpu

i have amd phenom II black edition multi core x2-555 64 bit black edition and my motherboard is asus m4a88t-v evo/usb3 with 16 GB of DDR3 and i want to overclock from 3.2 to the highest i can... i have core unlocker and turbo key II and much more ... now here is my >? i try to over clock but for some reason it tells me it cant.. what am i forgetting to do.. or how much can i over clock this cpu without burning the cpu or mother board out? please reply thanks
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  1. No one can tell you how high you can OC because each CPU, mobo and RAM is different and OC'ing is an effort to run the hardware beyond it's intended and rated speed. See my signature regarding overclocking then read the tutorial at the link below on Phenom II OC'ing. It may help.

    Note however that you are asking a LOT of the integrated memory controller to run 16 GB. of RAM overclocked so you may want to actually slow the RAM frequency and see how the CPU OC's.

    For stability you'll typically want to keep the CPU temp under 55C full load such as with stress testing with OCCT, Prime 95 or Linpack.
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