Difference between am3 and lga775

will am3 supports dual core processor??
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  1. well am3 is amd's socket and lga775 is intel's socket

    am3 motherboards go all the way up to 6 cores.

    What processor and motherboard are you looking at?
  2. LGA775 is considered a dead socket platform and shouldn't be used for new builds.

    AM3 is current, but your better off with an AM3+ for the future AMD Bulddozer chips.
  3. Yes AM3 supports single dual tri quad and hex core CPUs From AMD LGA 775 supports single dual & quad core CPUs from Intel.
  4. hi,

    I want to build a new computer including a Asrock 870 Extreme3 R2.0 motherboard. This motherboard has a AM3 socket as you may know. In my new computer I don't want to replace the CPU because I think it's good enough. It's an intel Core 2 Quad Q8200, with a LGA 775 procesor. My question is, will the motherboard suport the LGA socket of my CPU.
  5. years, technology is moving every month, now we are talking about years maybe now work well but if you are a power lover like me what you need is LGA2011, but instead the AM3 will beat LGA775
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