ATI HD Radeon 6850 duel monitor problem.

Hello, I have a HD Radeon 6850 from xfx. It supports duel monitors and I have tried it but with no luck. I have two monitors both with vga. So I bought two dvi to vga adapters. The gpu has two dvi slots. the top one seems to work just fine. However when I plug one of them in to the bottom nothing shows up. Any help would be nice and if you need any more info just ask. Thank you
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  1. Did you try restarting your PC after the second one was connected? (I'm sure you have).
    Make sure also you have the latest drivers for your card.

    Also try going Control Panel-->Display--->Adjust display settings and configure everything there.
  2. I just pulled up some information on google about the card. It seems that only one is DVI-I (capable of VGA compatibility and vertical frequencies of over 60Hz)
    and the other one is DVI-D, not compatible with VGA.

    Info pulled off of

    Try switching around.
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