Need Advise to upgrade CPU for home media server

I am currently running a dual core 2.5ghz AMD with 6gb of RAM for my media server. Everything works fine except it takes forever to transcode m2ts files to mkv's. I prefer to stick with AMD because they are great values. But what i dont know is if i should get the 3.3Ghz six core 1100T or should i switch to a server level 2.0GHz eight core Opteron 6128

I can stream my uncompressed blu-ray's from my server to my media laptop hooked up to my TV without any issues currently, the only reason i want to upgrade is to speed up the transcoding time. I also ran out of room to hook up any more hard drives to my RocketRaid 2680 and my MB only has one PCI express x4 slot, so i will need to get a new MB with at least 2 PCI express x4 or x16 slots to add another RocketRaid Card for 8 more HD's

Current System
Windows Home Server Premium 2011
NZXT Whisper Case
AMD Athlon 4850e 2.51Ghz CPU
1 x Rocket RAID 2680
300GB WD 10k Velociraptor (OS)
2 x 1.5TB RAID 1 (Critical Files)
7 x 2TB RAID 5 (Video's)
2TB External eSATA HD (Backup)
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