No boot from dvd or usb


My computer is brand new - but does not allow booting from dvd or usb.

Bios updated fine- can enter bios without problems.

"Device Boot Led" is on permanently.

I have tried:

(1) One Ram only
(2) Different Harddisks (also one at a time)
(3) Change of cables
(4) Rolling back to an earlier version of compatible (with ivy bridge) Bios
(5) updated again to latest version
(6) Checked all powersupply cables
(7) Utilised minimum default settings most of the time
(8) Used only bare system with cpu/hdd/ram

BUT problem persists. Have contacted Asus and they will reply in only the fastest of after 48 hours. I believe they will suggest RMA (upon viewing most similar problems)

What I cannot understand is ASUS may have such poor Quality Control (assuming it is MB in problem)

My Specs:

CPU: i7 3770K
MB: Z77 Sabertooth
RAM: 8 GB (4 GB x 2) Corsair XMP 9-9-9-24 (1.5v) per asus requirement ram
GPU: None atm but will get gtx560ti frozer
PSU: Coolermaster 850w (80 plus)
HDD: (2x) 1TB WD Green/Blue Cavaier
OS: Cannot install Windows 7 64
Case: CoolerMaster Storm Trooper
Cooling: Corsair H100

Am open to all possible suggestions to having this new rig begin its voyage
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  1. first off check that your hard drives are on the intel sata ports. the brown ones or to the black ports the two ports on the bottom are the thrid party controller and there made for data drives only. if you used used the usb flashback to update your bios did you use the clear the cmos jumper. asus on rog and overclocker net recoment when you use the flashback to clear the cmos between flashes and hit f1. in the bios when you reset it check that the sata ports are set to achi. that what they should defult to and that the ports are turned on. in the bios on the last page make sure both efi and old bios is turned on. some drives and os dont like efi bios. on that same page will be cd rom hard drive boot devices. if you want to boot from your usb stick it should be plugged in before you go into the bios. it show up as a hard drive if it fat or ntfs formatted. just selete it in the bios as the first boot device then go back into the easy mode. it should then show up on the bottom of the easy efi bios. just drag and drop it as the first device. if you dont want to change the boot order in the boot windows you can select what device you want to force the bios to boot from. on your usb stick did you use the ms usb iso tool?? where it take the iso image of windows and make a bootable copy to a usb stick?? and is your xp disk full version or upgrade??
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