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In an earlier thread I asked what upgrades were needed to run World of Warcraft on maximum settings at 60 frames per second, however, after speaking to a few friends with similar systems who do run it at 60fps maxed out, I wanted to know why my PC would not. My specs are:

MBoard: MSi P55A-G55 (LGA 1156 socket)
CPU: Intel i5 760 2.8Ghz(1156 socket) 8MB Cache
GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD5670 1GB
RAM: 4GB Corsair XMS3 (2.99GB usable)
OP: Windows XP SP3 32bit
Monitor: HP x23LED (23" at 1920x1080)
PSU: CiT 500w 2x 12v rails
HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 250GB (200GB free)

At fully maxed out settings (8x AA, everything on ultra etc etc), my average FPS was 15-20.

Should it be this low? if so, why?

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  1. Your problem is the GPU and power supply. The PSU sucks, and the GPU is not really meant as a gaming card. What you want to do is get something like a 6850 or GTX 460 AT LEAST for 1080p. After that, you shouldn't have any big issues.
  2. remember your friends may be playing at monitors with lower resolution.

    as striker said, your gpu is definitely your bottleneck. however, you can get much more playable performance if you would just lower the anti-aliasing. 8x anti-aliasing is really unnecessary at your high resolution, and will only serve to kill your frame rates while providing a negligible improvement in image quality.

    also a 5670 while the weakest component in your computer, can provide respectable performance at 1080p in most games as long as you are willing to make minor compromises such as lowering AA or playing at 30 fps instead of 60. If graphics or framerates are of high importance to you, then you can certainly upgrade to something like a 6850. Im not so sure about the quality of your power supply though.
  3. The purpose of turning the AA that high with everything else was just to get a benchmark, I dont actually have it that high.

    Thank you for your comments guys, there is no doubt in my mind now that it is my GPU, Im thinking about getting a HD 6950 and a 500W Corsair PSU.
  4. If you get a 6950, you'll need at least a 650W PSU. I'd look at the Antec EA650 - it ran my i7-930 + 2x470 system beautifully. +1 to the 6950 :D
    $150 plus shipping.

    You probably don't need to upgrade your PSU as your max load with a 460/6850 is 300-350W. Just double check your PSU.
  6. Yea like all of the previous comments, your GPU is pretty terrible. It's not terribly old, but it is just a lower end card. gtx 460 is a solid choice, I'd go 560 if you want to future proof yourself a bit more, and i'd get at least a 750 watt psu
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