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I can't possibly see the issues with wireless, i mean i completely understand that the speeds are lower and the connection can drop compared to a wired connection. But i do not have any issues at all, was wondering why so many people moan about their wireless connections when there is really no issues compared to a usual wired connection?
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  1. Speeds are not slower if you set your wireless up correctly.

    Infact.. using speedtest over my wireless gaming machine, and wired study machine.. I get the higher speed more than 75% of the time. Explain that ;).

    People bitch about it because cheap routers often fail when downloading or playing games.. and it's due to the high amount on connections it makes. I can overwhelm my router by downloading via torrents, and allowing more than 300 connections at any one time - after around 20 minutes my internet drops.

    Most people have no idea about playing with their routers channels also, which can effect speed and stability a great deal.
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