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i hav an intel pentium 4 processor wid DDR 2 memory..i wanted to upgrade it to core2duo..but i juz wanted to buy the core2duo chip..is that possible??or do i hav to buy a new motherboard too???will it work on a DDR 2 memory motherboard??
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  1. you will probably have to change a decent ammount of things, that might include PSU.
  2. Often with AMD processors you can upgrade the processor without getting a new motherboard. With Intel processors get a new processor and you will have to get a new motherboard and memory.
  3. I don't understand how people can "blindly" say that you have to change all kinds of stuff. Without knowing the specifications of you system they are just guessing at an answer to your question. Please post your system specifications for an "informed" answer to your question.
  4. If the board supports ddr2 it must be one of the later P4 boards, so it probably will support a core2 cpu. You will need to find out the model number of the board and check it first though.
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