(ATI) HD 5770 low FPS on TF2

Now i got my HD 5770 in late January. I've used it for about a month in a half with no problems. I ran a few benchmarks on Crysis 1 (got about 40 fps to 50 fps), got well over 120 fps on HL2. etc. Now after i started playing TF2, i never did a benchmark on it. It was by sight alone i realized i was lagging and my frames where lower then normal. Now i got on HL2 a source game, over 120, would online play effect this? Cause i just don't beleive online or no online that my FPS should be at 20 or 35 fps on TF2.

I used driver sweeper to get rid of the old drivers and got the new ones and its still giving me low FPS online.

Its this a driver issue (like the latest drivers are the problem), a heat issue (like my card's performance is lagging due to heat). Also what FPS do you guys get on TF2 with the HD 5770 or any Radeon card near it?
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  1. I also keep getting a "drive stopped working error" once in a while.
  2. I would download EVGA Precision or a similar program so that you can check a few things. Note: you do not have to have an EVGA card in order to use EVGA precision. This program will tell you what your temperatures are and videocard core clock and shader clock speeds are.

    Once you have downloaded it, try playing the game again while you have EVGA Precision running in the background. When you exit the game, look at the results that were recorded on precision (you don't have to tell it to keep track of your temperatures, etc. It will have a graph that shows all of that information as long as you keep the program open). You can then check your gpu temperatures and see if the temps are too high. Also, you can check your clock speeds and make sure that they are where they are supposed to be. I had a similar problem with my gtx 260 being too slow and found out that my video card was downclocking itself due to a bad psu. If everything appears fine on there, the issue may either be a bad video card or driver problems.

    Here are some key questions:
    Is the framerate problem exclusive to TF2?
    Have you tried multiple drivers and still had the same problems?
    What resolution are you gaming at?
    Is the game running in full screen? (I've had low framerates because, for some reason, the game was running in windowed mode, even though it didn't look like it was. When in game, hit alt+enter to shift to full screen vs windowed mode)
    Are the temps and clock rates where they should be?
  3. Yes, its seems to be will all source engine games. L4D and TF2 where both giving me odd frames, but then i tried L4D's offline mode and it gave me solid 60 fps.

    I tried Crysis on all high and it gave me 40 to 55 fps. I think its just source games right about now. But my GPU still turns off randomly.

    I just used Driver Sweeper earlier and still the same problem. How do i get the 10.6 ati driver? I got the latest cause i didn't see a option for the older 10.6 driver.

    1280 x 1024

    yes, its in full screen.

    I have ccc from ati and it says my idle temps are 41c and my fan speed it at 60%

    I'm about to download that EVGA thing you where talking about.
  4. yeah it was Valve. There updates brought my fps back on TF2, i also read that 4.3 lcds don't play well on native resolutions with TF2, so i lowerd my res one under mine and it put me at like 130 fps.
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