Nzxt sentry LX fit on antec 300 front panel?

I was wondering if an NZXT SENTRY LX will fit in front of my Antec 300? i checked the size on the site it said 5.25inch or 5 inch. Then i measured my antec 300 front panel the vacant space on the top( the 3 removable panels) its barely 5 inch but im not reaaaly optimistic about THIS since i really want to use this fan controller. I live in asia and there are not much to choose from :(
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  1. The Sentry LX is made to fit into the same size slot/opening as an optical drive fits into. Yes, it will fit. You may have to remove the front bezel of your Antec 300 to mount the Sentry LX and then you snap into place afterward. Not a problem.

    Good luck!
  2. THANKS BUDDY! ive been posting questions all over youtube got a little worried i just ordered one in
  3. You are welcome. Have fun!
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