Help from those that know the ASUS p7p55d line of Mobo's

So I'm thinking of buying a P7P55D-E Deluxe Mobo for a computer that will be used primarily for HD video editing, and maybe a little gaming as well.

My problem actually has to do with the RAM suggestions within the manual. I want 16gb of RAM for all the editing, however It doesn't say in the manual about any configurations that are supported past 6gb, regardless of the speed of RAM. These mobo's do say that if your going to use DDR3-1600, You can only use 1 dimm per channel. I take that as 2 x 8gb to =16gb. But yet no where under any ram does it go past 6.

I've gotten advice to maybe drop down to 1333 to be safe and do the 4 x 4gb config, but I just want to make sure i dont screw something up.

If you have any of the 55d lines -E or not, could you tell me what RAM configuration you have and how well it's performance is?

Thankyou so much,
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  1. most mb vendor can only do a small sample size for there does even less. you have to use the mb ram guilds for this one.
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