How to bridge Linksys wap 54g

Hello, I think I have tried evrything to get the two wap54G's to speak to each other but it doesn't seem to work, both in brdige mode, both same model, one version 3.05 & the other 3.05 firmware, i have put the other's mac adress in each unit, same password etc....any suggestions please
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  1. Have you tried the one connected to the router as an Access Point and the otherone in Bridge Mode?
  2. yes tried everything, all to no completely out of ideas. It going to be a hard wire i think. Very rarely do i give up, but this time i am completely at a loss.

    Has anyone out there bridges two wap54g's together?
  3. go here and get a new firmware. I found reports that there are issues connecting two two wap54g with each other.
  4. Emerald
    Thank you for your help.....tried updating both firmwares to no avail.

    I have given up on the idea and hard wired my second sons bedroom thro a switch. It wasnt that difficult when I thought about it

    I will try bridging the two together at a later date.

    Currently struggling with NAT issues on my childrens xbox's. Going to starta new thread off
    Again Thanks
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