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Thought I'd see if anyone here could offer advice.

I bought a computer off of ebay and have been using it for a while, tinkering and shaking it to death because of a little issue I cant resolve, The computer comes with Realtek's HD audio, and my tv card will not recognise anything to do with the audio, I can hear everything fine, but recording wont work because it will not detect it. I have done everything known to man to try and get it working but failed. So after loosing my marbles with it i decided to get a Soundblaster Live card, which installed and works lovely for the tv card.

The only thing is, i'd like to use the front ports for the headphones and mic, but the adaptor on the board dosent seem to fit into anything on my SB card. I have looked about google and found various things, but nothing that seems to pertain to my card or hardware.

According to Sandra lite, the computer is a HP Pavilion and the mobo is a puffer2. Is there a way to get the front ports working with the Soundblaster or even getting the HD Audio to work as it should (i have the latest drivers running and everything)

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  1. This is a bit odd as generally the sound card should have the right audio output block to connect the front audio ports, are the front ports maybe running AC97 and not HD AUDIO thus would not be configurable to the sound card? Also take a look at the audio output on the board is it also HD AUDIO? Will do some more research on the part numbers you have given me. However if it where a complete system build they should e able to cross configure.
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