Building a (non-gamer) PC for my Mum... Thoughts?

So I am building a PC for my Mom. Just a pc in a compact case (smaller than mid-tower). the budget does not include the OS. SO does anyone have any builds that would help me out? Its a Non-Gamer pc so whatever you think is best..

Budget Range: 500~600

System Usage paying bills online. word processing. occasional youtube video

Parts Preferences: I would like to have a desktop case that is small

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  1. I can't provide you with all links because I can't figure out what currency you're using.

    However, consider building an mITX system for this. You can get really small cases. Some of the Lian Li cases are really nice.

    Obviously you'll need a mITX motherboard and CPU. I'd suggest going for a Sandy Bridge (socket 1155) board with an i3 CPU. This will last years if all you are doing is doing general browsing and word processing.
  2. "Smaller than a mid tower " is a big range

    Have a look on Newegg for mini-ITX cases. Some have included power supplies . 200 watt should be plenty .

    Then a motherboard with a H61 or H67 chipset + an intel i3 2100 processor because its very low power drain and integrated graphics

    4 gig of 1333 Mhz ram

    and a WD green hard drive [ if she cares about noise ]

    and a dvd drive to suit the case
  3. us dollars lol. thanks for the mobo advice! should i stick with 64bit W7?
  4. I agree. H61/H67 and a i3-2100 would be a great, fast, and efficient choice.
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    Mini-ITX are interesting ! So heres a suggestion

    Intel core i3 2100 $115 [ with promo]

    ASRock H67M-ITX LGA 1155 Intel H67 HDMI $87

    SILVERSTONE Sugo Series SG06-B Black Aluminum/SECC Mini-ITX Desktop Computer Case SFX 300W $120

    Western Digital Caviar Green WD5000AADS 500GB $50

    G.SKILL ECO Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) RAM $44

    and for a dvd drive either
    Sony Optiarc Black 4X BD-ROM 8X DVD-ROM 24X CD-ROM SATA Slim Internal 12.7mm Tray Blu-ray COMBO Model $85
    which lets it be a bluray player through the HDMI or another [ cheaper ] dvd only slimline model

    But as it it thats only $501 .
    I hope you have small fingers . The case is tiny .

    PS : yes a 64 bit version of windows
  6. You can build a reasonable PC for as cheap as about $350, and I consider it reasonable if it has at least a dual core processor with a good clock rate and 4GB of ram. The non-gaming home user doesn't need much hard drive space and only needs the minimum GPU. You can buy a PC from a big retailer for about what you can build one for, if you already have the OS. The manufacturers get a real good deal on the OS, but OTOH they use real cheap components in the PC. I was checking recently for my dad and discovered that you could buy a complete PC as cheap as $300, but it have a slow processor and very little ram. To get a decent processor and 4GB of ram took $400 or more. You could build the equivalent PC for $350-400, with better components, but then you would have to pay for the OS.
  7. Or you could try an AMD Athlon 2 X2 or X3 build if you want to go AMD, and maybe 2-3GB of RAM
  8. Slight overkill there LegendKiller . Im sure her emails would open 0.001 of a micro second faster but having the case melt to do it might not be a wise choice ... and does the gfx card actually fit , or is the case half height ???

    Another possibility :

    My original build but ditch the cpu and motherboard for

    SAPPHIRE Pure White Fusion E350 AMD E-350 APU $99 with rebate

    With the rest of the build I suggested its $400 .

    and if you go with LegendKillers case [ which I like the look of ] then the price drops even further
  9. ^^ I agree with outlander. I might get an 880g board (if they make them in mini ITX) and an Athlon II x2 though. Little more horsepower for the money.
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  11. Thanks guys for all your help and suggestions!you guys are what make this forum the BEST
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