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Which is the better mobo?

Which one is the better one in your guys opinion? I also heard they weren't FX ready is this true?

ASRock 970 EXTREME3 -

ASRock 970 PRO3 -
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    Extreme is the better mobo; even though you lose a SATA port, you have better expansion capabilities. You will also have to weigh out losing 2 USB 2.0 rear ports to get the added eSata and S/PDIF ports as well. Personally, I would take the Extreme and add a USB card or USB drive bay adapter. Given that they're almost the same, the Extreme also has far better reviews.
  2. Ah yea I was wondering about it having less ports and whatnot but it makes since that the might take away a port or 2 for better performance around the same price point. I read somewhere that the Extreme 4 wasn't FX ready and I am going to look into that although I highly doubt it, might need a BIOS update though. I did see alot more and better reviews for the Extreme 3 like you said but I just wanted a second opinion, thanks :-)
  3. You're quite welcome sixstring88, glad I could help
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