Failed to create D3D Device with mode matching desktop (1920x1080, 0 H

i7 920 @2.67 4.2Ghz
I have a brand new GTX 580 Black ops video card
Asus 3D Monitor which game with Nvidia 3D kit
X58 3way classified
I now have Corsair Triple Channel GT-denominator ddr3/1600 2000 Mhz

I get this error message
Failed to create D3D Device with mode matching desktop (1920x1080, 0 Hz, format 22)).
I run the bd 3d advisor it say the it's not HDCP compliant.
It now likes the driver that came with card which is an older one
but now it's say it's non -compliant

Does that mean that it's the video card or the dvi digital cord?
Nvidia control panel it's it's compliant and it's running at 120 hz

Anyone have any ideas ?
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  1. Have you updated directx? Is this message only happening with cyberlink?

    Off topic but, you do know x58 is tri channel?
  2. I also would like to help and need to know exactly when you are getting this error notification.

    As per the tri channel memory, read your motherboard manual for the exact setup. You don't specify the motherboard but I didn't think there were dual-channel motherboards for this CPU but anyway your motherboard manual will explain.

    Assuming you have tri-channel:
    a) if you have 4x2GB you need to have 3x2GB and ONLY in the exact slots specified in your manual

    b) if you have 2x4GB that's complicated. You can either buy another 4GB for 3x4GB or sell what you have and get a 3x2GB kit. I really can't recommend 12GB except for certain Video/Photo editing needs and it is very rare to require that much RAM. Not a single game in existence for the PC runs better with more than 4GB of total System RAM (except for a few seconds in startup and shutdown due to multi-tasking buffering with the hard drive but that makes very little difference overall.)

    *I'm not sure if you can run Dual-channel memory on a Tri-Channel motherboard. It seems your computer is running so I guess that's the answer, although you would be running at lower than normal.

    1. need more info to help with D3D issue
    2. Read motherboard manual for RAM setup
  3. Thank you for your reply
    as it turns out it only supports triple channel memory
    Dominator® GT with DHX Pro Connector and Airflow II Fan — 12GB Triple Channel DDR3 Memory Kit (CMT12GX3M3A2000C9)
    see what happens?
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