Hd 5450 pcie - windows wont load

just got a ati radeon hd5450.
put it in, dl'd brand new ccc off disk, disabled other drivers, disabled onboard in bios, all that stuff.

plug in new pcie card, posts fine, gets to win load screen, comp restarts itself then asks me for safe mode or normal mode. either mode will continue the cycle of just crashing and restarting. comp posts fine everytime, but comp just restarts at windows.

asus m4a785-m Mobo ( PIECE OF DONKEY CRUD IMO)
600w psu
ati radeon hd 5450
2g centon ddr2
win7 64 bit
ccc suite 11.3

even my onboard graphics are showing flashing horizontal lines all over the place. cant do anything.
last resorts in the next few days, ive been thru the hoops and hells from asus last 3 months about this mobo, dicked around, and if anyone has some light plz shine it. thank you most humbly.
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  1. It starts to crash because the system is unstable.If it wasn't unstable before you put the GPU in than it is likely the graphics card that is causing the problem.Seems like you might have gotten a defective product.I would RMA for a new one.

    Have you installed a GPU in a the pice-express slot before?

    It's either the GPU or Mobo.I would RMA the card first since you just got it.IF the problem persits with a new one then it's the Mobo.Check your warranty and see if you can send the mobo in for a new one.
  2. I previously tried a 8600gt geforce 512mb. did the same thing. this hd 5450 just came in the mail today. I sent the board back for RMA 2ce, and 45 min phone call today they want me to send in again. they say the board tests fine in everything.
  3. the integrated graphics as well are all messed up. flashy horizontal lines and shaded boxes. im beyond aggrivated and just gettin run around from asus.
  4. What type of PSU do you have?

    How are your temps?
  5. Temps are good. 2 case fans push/pull front to back.
    psu is a 600w idk the name of it stickers off. its about 3 years old. still works awesome.
  6. Only other thing i can think of that might be giving oyu problems with the mobo's is your temps but you say their fine.If you did have poor case airflow then that would make sense if you fryed 2 mobos.But since thats not the issue i guess.

    What CPU do you have?

    Have you tryed flashing the BIOS?
  7. i didnt fry the mobo. ive had problems with the onboard hd 4200 graphics. had it rma'd twice for that. they check it all out, ran perfect, pcie slot was good, all 4 dims were good in 2g/4g combos

    amd athlon phenomx4 2.5

    bios is running current version 0906 if i remember the rma report correctly. since i got this, and thru it all, had 2 fans on it and case has been open.

    my current problem is trying to bypass the god dam mobo graphics cuz this board sucks. 2 cards in pcie wont load windows. they both posted, 1 beep everythings fine, gets to win logo to load, and system just restarts. over and over. cannot get into safe mode on either card as well. have to change bios back to onboard and get back in that way.
    i tried using a nvidia geforce 8600gt512mb and this ati hd 5450 1g

    was told it would end up being drivers or conflicts. something isnt goin right and windows is panicking, doesnt like it. deleted everything ati and amd, safe mode driver sweeper, restall ccc suite from website, did it all. also reinstalled win7 64 bit hr.. 5 times as well.

    why is windows just restarting everytime it starts to load when im trying to use the pcie cards??!? =\\
  8. What processor do you? You can't have an Athlon and a Phenom in one chip.Is it the first generation ?
  9. my bad, miswrote the specs.

    its the phenom4core 2.5

    cpu woudl cause windows to restart using a pcie card? when it works fine without?
  10. Windows won't start which means it's a stability issue.Likely do to the GPU since their were no problems before but i'm betting it's the mobo.Those AM2/AM2+/AM3 boards have lots of issues because they support so many different things.

    Are the first gen Phenom's compatiblie to work with Windows 64-bit?
  11. i got the ram cpu and board as a barebones kit from tigerdirect.com

    all 3 were compatible with each other. 1 ram stick is shot that came with it.

    the board supports win 7, up to 16g ram as well. given the comment it already supports a ton of stuff, i would assume win7 is one of them.

    given the boards integrated graphics are all messed up, the pcie wont boot, running the correct drivers, even trying older versions of working drivers, im leaning towards the board itself. although, something messing with each other regarding drivers or compatibilty is also a good start. im leaning towards board tho.

    debating to send it in for third rma, or just cast of asus into the *** bin. maybe ill demand a new board cuz this is nonsense.
  12. also, when i got it, it worked fine for about a month then just went haywire. also a big reason why i think the board just went kaput. as previously said, case was open, 2 case fans push/pull. with no pcie card at the time, just using onboard. was also using a silver thermal compound on cpu , i doubt overheating even hit halfway to the feel of an ice cube...
  13. The OS also has an effect over the processor.The 64-Bit version OS's were designed speificly for processors to handle RAM better and more threads.

    The terms 32-bit and 64-bit refer to the way a computer's processor (also called a CPU), handles information. The 64-bit version of Windows handles large amounts of random access memory (RAM) more effectively than a 32-bit system.
    To run a 64-bit version of Windows, your computer must have a 64-bit-capable processor.

    What i'm trying to say is that you might be getting some of these errors because the processor doesn't support the OS.

    Whats your full processor specs?Mainly the model #.
  14. processor is a amd phenom II x4 9850 2.5 ghz

    pcie card still hangin at win 7 splash screen, just chain restarting. the pcie card is not showing up in device manager as well either. i do plug it in, set bios, i can get into bios on the pcie card, but wont load past splash screen still. just keeps restarting.

    cant dl anything off the cd it came with, says no xfx hardware found. nothing in device manager.

    *edit* today, wiped HD completely, restalled win7. updates, all that. turned off comp, switched off, hit power to fully unpower pc, put hd5450 in, turned back on. hung at 'loading express gate' and did not go anywhere else
  15. happen to anyone else? see this before?
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