No Video Signal on new rig.

I have just built my new PC specs as follows:

Intel core i5
8GB Corsair DDR3 1333Mhz
500GB 7200ROM western Digital Drive
Sapphire HD Graphics Card
ASROCK P67 Pro Mobo.

I have all this set up and looks great. when i press the power button the fans start whirring. (CPU,GPU Cas fans) When i look at the monitor, it stays blank. I have tried everything reseating gpu, pushing in all cables. Im at a loss. can anyone help? i dont want to have to buy a new motherboard. :(

Thanks in advance
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  1. It could be your video that's dead(Fans just spins but GPU is dead) turn the computer on and pull the fan plug and see if it gets hot(dont let it get too hot because you wont be able to touch it when it's 80*C) It's not a dead cpu otherwise computer wouldn't start... It could also be the PSU that's dead but still powers up, what PSU you have? The RAM may be the problem, no RAM, no display(It may be dead)... do you hear any beeps? also check if you plug the DVI/VGA adapter in correctly and use screw to make it tight...
  2. Try working through this list:
    WORK, not just read!
    If you still have issues, tell us where in the list it failed, and we will try to help!
  3. Hello both,

    thanks for coming back to me, I shall be trying that website clarkjd after work tomorrow. So i can find what the issue is, do you reckon I could need a new motherboard? i hope not this one is brand new. :(

    Legend Killer,

    The model of the PSU is Corsair GS600. also Brand New.

    does this help?

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