Hi guys was wondering if you can help I just installed some new ram into my computer (2X2GB DDR2) I bought from Mr Memory who told me it was the correct kind of ram for my computer anyways since installing it I cant get the computer to start. I can get the power to go on in it and hear it starting its start up routine (disk drives go on etc) but then it just stops . The monitor isnt picking it up either (I just installed a new graphics card also) so basically it just sits there with the power on and nothing happening. I even put the old RAM back in and the same thing happened. I definetly grounded myself by touching the metal computer container and power supply before starting so dont think that should have been the problem. Another thing is that when I pushed the RAM in the little slot things dont close by themselves could that be part of the problem ? whoever had made my computer had also seemed to put a bit of glue or something to hold the old ones in place. Anyways if anybody has any ideas please get in touch .

also does anybody think it might help if i removed the new gfx card qand put the old one in or something ? maybe that has something to do with it

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  1. Can you list out your computer specs? There should never have been any need to use glue to hold the RAM sticks in place unless they didn't know what they were doing.
  2. hey thanks for the reply, fortunately i fixed it myself . Just wasnt pushing the clips at the side in hard enough. But yeah I dont know why they have put little bits of glue to put the old RAM in place, they also had put a bit of glue on the old GFX card I replaced last week and there is a bit of glue on the soundcard which i havent replaced yet. Anyways not sure why they did that but fortunately i seem to have fixed the problem so thanks anyway for your response

  3. The glue was probably put there to allow the company you purchased it from to see whether the componenets had been messed with so they could claim a void in warranty.

  4. ha yeah youre probably right about that fortunately the computer is over 3 years old and the warranty has passed already so am not too worried about that. You probably are right tho, sneaky bastards !
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