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High Memory Usage

I have a small but bothersome problem. :( My computer seems to bog down terribly and I can not figure why ? I have been using "Windows Task Manager" and also a "CPU Usage Gadget" to try to figure out what programs are using all of my memory. Would it help to add any more memory ? One small problem that I have realized is that I have two sets of timing installed ( I have 8 x 2 ,1st set is at 7-7-7-21 and the 2nd set is at 8-8-8-24). Should I try to install more memory ? Is there a possibility that there is something else slowing down my pc. Example:any windows will take 20 secs or more just to open up on line or not . It happens like every hr or so. Is it just the way Windows works ?

7 Ultimate 64-bit
Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EARS 2TB (x
Western Digital AV-GP WD-1TB
G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB
SAPPHIRE 100327L Radeon HD 6750 1GB
AMD Phenom II X4 3.7G
Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel
Rosewill-Xtreme Series RX750 Psu
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  1. What exactly do you mean you have two sets of timings installed? Does that mean you have 2 different sets of RAM kits in your system?

    Well first off, I would take out one set of RAM to make sure it's not a RAM problem if you have 2 completely different sets in there. That is if you have 2 differenet sets in there.

    Plus another "problem" you have is that you have a WD Green drive - is this your main boot drive? If so - they are naturally slow. That will definitely will cause more slowness.

    Need more information.
  2. I'm pretty confused myself as well...I assume the 'G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB' is a 2x4GB set but what's meant by " ( I have 8 x 2 ,1st set is at 7-7-7-21 and the 2nd set is at 8-8-8-24)"? I 'get' those are timings but "8 x 2"?? Also, are you running the RAM at >DDR3-1333 i.e. Defaults?

    Q - What exact set of RAM? ; please post a link to the set/stick/sticks/etc.
    Q - In CPU-z (Memory tab) what's listed there? ; link -
    DRAM Frequency = ??
    CAS Timings listed ; see below

    Look in the Resource Monitor - Memory (tab) (to access: Start type resmon and click on the App listed above).
    List the following:
    Hardware Reserved

    Resource Monitor - Memory (tab):

    CPU-z (Memory tab):
  3. Both sets are G.SKILL Ripjaws Series. 1st set is "" and 2nd set is "". My OS drive is this "". Right now my Resource Monitor - Memory tab is Hardware Reserved=3mb
    Cached-5400 +/-
  4. I would try taking out the ram kit that uses 8-8-8-24 and try again.

    Mismatched RAM sets can cause problems. Including weird slow downs.
  5. CPU-z - 9-9-9-24-33-2T. Was not sure how to past it here.
  6. Best answer
    Your BIOS took the smart road.

    DDR3-1333 9-9-9-24-?T @ 1.50v
    DDR3-1333 7-7-7-21-?T @ 1.50v
    DDR3-1333 9-9-9-24-?T @ 1.50v ; use the higher Command Rate of ?T in either set.

    DDR3-1333 9-9-9-24-2T @ 1.50 ; safest bet

    Install as:
    CPU: | BRH | BRL | BRH | BRL |
    CPU: | BRL | BRH | BRL | BRH |

    Next, based upon what you posted ALL RAM is accounted for and is working.

    Lastly, the all important 'Usage' -- again Start type resmon, CPU tab and click the 'Average CPU' to sort the tasks on the top (higher) usage are the culprits while your having the problems i.e. it's running slow.

    The quickest is to Start msconfig -> [x] Diagnostic Startup and compare i.e. to see if that solves the problems. If it does then (Startup) -> Disable ALL, and (Services) -> [x] Hide all Microsoft and [ ] uncheck the remainder. Then have fun figuring-out what's the problem i.e. conflict -- use 'Average CPU' info as a starting point. Each change requires a reboot, so I recommend to add (select [x]) in sets of 3-4 items at a time.

    Also, if there's a 'disk problem' then a couple things, on conventional HDD I don't recommend exceeding >80% capacity, I recommend Scheduled Defragmentation, and periodic Scan System Files & Sectors (see below).

    Good normal maintenance for all drives, start with the primary drive first; note 1TB takes a sold 1 hour plus and 2TB even longer. Schedule can schedule both at once.
  7. Thanks to both "Jaquith" ,"Chainzsaw" for the quick replies ! I do have defrag once per week on all three drives due to the video editing and also have two anti-virus running up to date . Also since I am just starting to understand and run Photoshop CS6 two other forum users suggested I increase my ram to 12gb. I will get another set of these "" since they are pretty cheap now. and replace that set of 7-7-7-21. (original post is wrong it was 9-9-9-24 and NOT 8-8-8-24 as I stated) I will be at 12gb then. (max is 16gb). Also that "Each change requires a reboot" will be an added headache as I also have "Symantec Encryption" (which happens to be a sentence from the Book) Thanks again "Jaquith "
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  9. discboy321 said:
    ...also have two anti-virus running up to date ..."

    Never run (2) or more Anti-Virus Apps, and chances are there is your problem. I run on some PC's Symantec NIS and on some office PC's ESET Smart Security 5 -- each has Pros & Cons. The vote at the office was ESET, home NIS was on sale with a 5 pack.
  10. Those Palm trees look pretty enticing where I am at right now. What are your thoughts on Windows 7 Essentials ?
  11. Not good. An AV is as good as its last update and version of detection engine. So which is 'best' all depends on who you ask and when it was tested which can vary dramatically month-to-month.

    The best way to not get infected is to steer clear of sites and 'free' stuff that's infected.

    Some folks swear by Kaspersky, other's G Data -- you name it. An AV that throws you constant false positives or misses is as bad as the other. Avoidance is the safest bet though I had NIS miss a Java injected Trojan though an Ad @ SuperPages -- if I wasn't decent with the registry I would have been SOL!
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