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I posted my new build yesterday on here under Final Build Last Minute Suggestions... just in case you need to see specs before looking at my question. I was wondering if it is wise to have a seperate 250gb drive for the OS and a 1tb drive for everything else I.e. games movies music software. Also any suggestions into good hard drives would be appreciated 250gb looking to spend 30-45$ and 1tb 50-70$. Thanks again.

P.s. still looking for help on a wireless network card/adapter fir new build I was told PCI but would live a product suggestion from you guys seeing as im brand new to building computers.
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  1. I would say there isn't enough of a difference to warrant such a solution.

    Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB (cheap, fast, reliable) as the sole drive in the system will work fine it's about $65 now in newegg, might get a few bucks cheaper from amazon.
  2. So it wouldn't do anything to have a seperste smaller drive for the OS. I was talking to some guys and they sad that if I di what you said I'd want to partition which I have no idea what that means or how to do it.
  3. Don't really need to partition the HDD's anymore either, a single 1TB partition will work just fine.

    Currently the only reason to have a separate boot drive really is if you are running an SSD, which basically would have your operating system and your most used programs. Then things that take a lot of space would be kept on the storage drive. The other reason I can think of would be if you were running another operating system in addition to Win7 but you don't seem to be doing that so it's not needed.
  4. OK thanks a bunch man you've been a big help any suggestions on wireless network adapters so I can use wireless internet?
  5. Not from me, I did quickly check up on newegg for possibilities, but they all seemed to have their issues. With lots of 1 egg ratings on them. Perhaps someone else can suggest a brand/model to go for.
  6. Yea I did same and saw nothing worth while that's why I wanted yo ask in this site
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