Motherboard reboots constantly

I would like to know what causes my 965gdag-lf motherboard to constantly restart at start up, does not post. cpu and memory are ok, tried someone elses cpu and its still does the same thing.
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  1. First thing to 'try' is to Clear CMOS, most MOBO's use a Jumper. Unplug the PSU ~5 minutes, move the Jumper for ~5+ seconds (longer is fine, less isn't); see ->

    IF unplugging the PSU for 5~10 minutes 'helps' and the PC posts or lasts 'longer' most of the time it's indicative of a bad capacitor (MOBO, PSU or GPU).
  2. what happens if it still occurs after Ive tried resetting the bios and it continues to reboot constantly?
  3. Then it comes down to a Guessing Game. Chances are if you can see any part of the post screen -- it's your PSU.

    As mentioned above are your seeing any differences unplugging for a period of time? RE: "IF unplugging the PSU for 5~10 minutes 'helps' and the PC posts or lasts 'longer'"
  4. I have unplugged the psu, reset the bios and the problem persists.
    It does'nt post at all.
    Goes on for about 5 seconds then reboots before even reaching bios.
    Does this mean my mobo is now completely useless?
  5. Assuming you're using the iGPU chances are with no difference (time) it's the MOBO. I would disconnect every single peripheral including the HDD(s), USB headers, Keyboard/Mouse, (1) stick of RAM/swap sticks and try again.

    Failure 50% MOBO, 40% PSU, 10% CPU and the only way to 'know' is to swap known good components.
  6. I have removed every single accessory(hardware) from the board. only the cpu and a single stick of 1gb ram has now been used and it continues. I now strongly believe that the problem lies with the mobo. Can it be that my onboard VGA might be problematic? if so.... do i consider it completely useless?
    Thanx for your guidance through this.
    Much appreciated.
  7. Again - Failure 50% MOBO, 40% PSU, 10% CPU - if anyone says it's the _______ then it's a total guess. Generally when a PSU starts going 'bad' you'll have oddball lockups and shutdowns. Often when a MOBO bites the dust -- poof it's dead unless it's a capacitor then it can mimic the PSU behavior.

    My GUESS is the MOBO.
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